CACI Facial Treatments: Ultimate Guide

Often referred to as the red carpet beauty treatment, CACI is popular among celebrities worldwide. Heralded as a non-surgical electronic facelifting technique, Natural Beauty has delved deep into the treatment bringing you everything you need to know as well as the beauty benefits you can attain for more youthful-looking skin.

What is a CACI facial?
Several facials can be experienced using the scientifically advanced CACI technology, each developed to tackle ageing, sagging skin. Entirely non-invasive, the CACI device uses microcurrent technology to transmit tiny electrical signals through the skin to tone, shape and boost skin texture. It’s effectively a corrective treatment to lift and re-educate the muscles, suitable for women and men of all skin types.

Is a CACI facial worth it?
Undergoing a CACI treatment course is an investment in time and money. Still, the results achievable after the treatment course completes speak volumes if you want to improve skin tone and lift saggy skin, which can be particularly visually ageing. Indeed most clients agree the therapy is worth every penny.

Which CACI treatment is right for me?
It really depends on what your specific concerns are. CACI facials target the eye area, jowls or full face, so depending on what troubles you most, you can choose to focus on the eye area, the cheeks and jawline or the whole face for the complete treatment.

What are the different types of CACI treatments?
You can choose between three non-surgical CACI facials depending on what area of the face causes you the most anxiety:

  • CACI jowl lift targets muscle laxness around the jawline by lifting and firming the facial contours, improving the appearance of sagging jowls for a more natural, younger look.
  • CACI eye lift concentrates on lifting and firming muscles around the eye area while softening wrinkles and lines. It’s particularly beneficial for those over forty who are likely to lose definition as they age around the eyes, including lifting sagging eyelids.
  • CACI facelift improves muscle laxity in the entire face, so physical manipulation of all 32 facial muscles, including the jawline, cheeks, jowls and eye area, making it perfect if you’re looking for all-around firmer, tighter, more youthful-looking skin.

What is the CACI treatment aftercare?
The aftercare needed after a CACI treatment depends on any additional therapies you may have combined with your sessions, such as LED light therapy or ultrasonic peel. Generally, no specific aftercare is needed after one of our CACI facials. However, you need to be more cautious if LED light therapy is incorporated as your skin will be more sensitive to UV rays. Wearing sunscreen outdoors is, therefore, essential. And for those undergoing our ultrasonic peel CACI facial, you should avoid harsh products, including acids/exfoliating skincare products, for 72 hours.

How much is a CACI facial?
Prices for a CACI facial range depending on the therapy you choose:

  • CACI Ultimate Non-Surgical Face Lift – £65
  • CACI Jowl Lift – £35
  • CACI Eye Lift – £35
  • CACI Face Life with Ultrasonic Peel – £60
  • CACI Hydratone Mask to any CACI Treatment (hydrating gel mask) – additional £20

Is a CACI facial painful?
Our CACI facials deliver tiny electrical signals through the skin that are noticeably tingly but not uncomfortable or painful. No downtime or recovery is needed.

What are the benefits of CACI?
A CACI facial can be very beneficial for both men and women concerned with sagging facial skin and muscle tone, which can be particularly noticeable for those aged forty and above. Our facial muscles become lax as we age, causing skin to start sagging, causing drooping eyelids and jowls. A non-invasive CACI facial treatment course can  help:

  • Smooth the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Gently lift and tighten the facial muscles, effectively re-educating them
  • Increase blood and lymph circulation
  • Enhance penetration of skincare formulations and products
  • Deliver intensive skin hydration and firming for a softer, radiant, more youthful appearance

What are the side effects of CACI?
The microcurrent technology used in CACI facial treatments is entirely safe, leaving clients with zero side effects with no damage caused to the skin or muscles.

How long does a CACI facial last?

Each one of our CACI facials delivers a calming, relaxing experience:

  • CACI Ultimate Non-Surgical Face Lift – 1 Hour
  • CACI Jowl Lift – 30 Minutes
  • CACI Eye Lift – 30 Minutes

How often should you have a CACI Facial?
We recommend a treatment course to experience maximum results that your therapist can advise on. Typically we recommend between 10 and 20 treatments followed by monthly maintenance sessions.

How long do the results last?
If you follow the treatment course advised by your therapist and continue with the monthly maintenance sessions, the maximum results achieved will continue. However, if you decide to stop monthly maintenance treatments, the full effects will likely disappear within two to three months.

Where is the nearest CACI facial near me?
If we’ve tempted your beauty taste buds and you’re eager to start your CACI facial journey, then drop in and see us to discuss your treatment plan. If you’re local to Eastcote or the surrounding area in Pinner, Harrow or West London, our friendly team at Natural Beauty Salon will be happy to help. Alternatively, get in touch via our booking portal below to book a free skin consultation.

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