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Eyelash Tint
Eyebrow Tint
Eyebrow and Eyelash Tint
Party Lashes - 30 mins
Eyebrow Wax/Shape
Lash Lift
Hi Definition Brows
Brow Lamination

Semi-Permanent Eyelashes

It is a delicate and precise work of art, where mink or synthetic fibres are fixed to individual lashes, giving you natural look with longer and fuller lashes.The therapist will customise the look by assessing the shape of your eye. Different lengths, curls and thickness are used to create the ultimate set of lashes. We offer a variety of Lashes from the Russian Express to Hybrid & Russians, fancy a more natural look? Why not try a Lash Lift ask one of our team members today and we will recommend the best treatment for your desired look you want to achieve.

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Brow Lamination

Brow Lamination at The Natural Beauty Salon

Brow Lamination  is a new treatment now offered at the Natural Beauty Salon which involves restructuring brow hairs to keep them in their desired shape. Our treatment partner Hi Brow Lamination gives the results of natural fuller brows which can be tailored to suit any brow preference.

Brows can be worn brushed up or down depending on the client’s style. Brow Lamination results can last up to 8 weeks, achieving a longer lasting look for your brows.

Call one of our Natural Beauty Team members to find out further details or alternatively why not book yours in today via our online booking

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Semi-Permanent Eyelashes Classic Full Set
Eyelash Infills (within 2-3 weeks) - 45 mins
45 mins £30 60 mins £40 30 mins £15
Removal - 30 mins
Russian Lashes
Russian Infills
45min £35 60min £45
Russian Infills ( within 2-3 weeks)
Russian Express Lashes

*** These Treatments Require a Patch Test 24 hours Prior To Appointment

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