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Natural Beauty Salon: Dermaplaning

Natural Beauty Salon: Dermaplaning

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Dermaplaning All Your Questions Answered:

It would seem dermaplaning has taken over social media in the last few years; the latest beauty trend with everyone in the ‘beauty know’ lining up to have their peach fuzz facial hair removed to reveal the smoothest complexion. Of course, the procedure does much more than this as it’s actually removing the top layer of the skin’s surface, allowing you to benefit from a more youthful, glowing complexion. So, here at Natural Beauty, we want to answer all your dermaplaning questions, no-holds-barred!



What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a skin resurfacing procedure to remove skin cells, facial hair, and other debris that may be present on the skin’s surface. It may also allow your skincare products to absorb and work more effectively. More than just an exfoliation, the cosmetic treatment uses a sterilised and painless scalpel-type blade held at a 45-degree angle to the skin. Your esthetician or dermatologist will pull the skin tight and use the blade to make light, short motions against the hair growth to expose the new top layer resulting in smoother, glowing skin. The treatment will also help encourage skin cell growth and healthy cell metabolism.


What are the Benefits of Dermaplaning?

The top layer of your skin is continually bombarded with UV rays, irritants, and environmental toxins that eventually build up to make your skin appear dull. The dermaplaning process removes this top layer of dead skin, minor imperfections and tiny hairs to reveal newer skin cells, giving you a more youthful appearance with a healthy glow and smoother complexion. Just like exfoliation, the process removes any barriers such as tiny hairs that can hold onto oil and debris which would otherwise prevent your skincare from penetrating, which is why your skincare products work more effectively after a treatment. Additionally, other potential benefits include:

  • reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • reduced acne scarring or sun-damage
  • restoring a youthful glow
  • allows make-up to sit more smoothly


Is Dermaplaning Safe?

The procedure is a low-risk cosmetic procedure when performed by a professionally trained esthetician or dermatologist. A completely safe treatment that can be carried out as frequently as every two weeks to maintain healthy skin. There’s no downtime required, with only potential short-term redness appearing in the initial hours post-treatment. Indeed, the procedure can even be accomplished within a lunch break; however, only a trained practitioner should carry out the treatment.


Is Dermaplaning Painful?

The process is completely pain-free, involving gentle feathery strokes that most clients find pleasant. Indeed many even go as far as saying that dermaplaning is more comfortable than other more popular treatments like waxing and lasering.


Will Facial Hair Grow Back Darker or Thicker?

Thankfully, this notion is a complete myth. Your facial hair will grow back after having this non-invasive exfoliating treatment but rest assured that it doesn’t get thicker and won’t change colour or get darker.


Will I need to Prepare for Dermaplaning?

There is very little preparation needed. Your professional technician should apply a gentle alpha or beta hydroxy acid cleanser beforehand to prepare the skin and help loosen dead skin cells. Following the procedure, your professional should apply a moisturiser and give post-procedure care instructions.


Who Can’t Have Dermaplaning?

The treatment is unsuitable for those with active acne, cold sores, or infection as there is a risk of potentially spreading bacteria or viruses, creating a broader spread infection, leading to more inflammation, even pigmentation or scarring. It is also not recommended for clients with medical conditions such as polycystic ovaries disease (excess hair), as the treatment could potentially worsen the hair growth.



We hope we’ve covered all the common dermaplaning questions and simultaneously busted a few myths. If you’d like to learn more about the procedure or discuss a treatment plan, get in touch with one of our friendly team members today. The Natural Beauty Salon is located in Eastcote, so if you live or work locally in the Pinner or Northwood Hills areas, why not pop in for a chat to find out more!

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