There are countless benefits of massage. Massage is great to get rid of muscle pain and joint stiffness, heal injuries, stimulate digestive system, increase oxygen and energy flow, reduce stress and tension and get rid of toxins from the muscle tissue. Soothing massage provides relief from nervous irritability and stress-related conditions such as insomnia and tension headaches. When used energetically to stimulate, massage relieves lethargy and fatigue. When we are relaxed and feel good in our body, we can stand up straighter, have better control over our lives and appear to be more confident.


ELEMIS Peaceful Pregnancy Massage
30 mins £45 1hr £65
Mothers-to-be are restored to optimum wellness. An intuitive and relaxing massage hydrates skin that is expanding to accommodate a growing baby.
ELEMIS Peaceful Pregnancy Face and Body Experience
This treatment combination that gently addresses any visible effects of hormonal changes on the skin and supports it as it accommodates your baby. Learn more about pregnancy massages
Elemis Swedish Massage - 1 hr £60 1 hr 20 mins £78
The technique varies from light to vigorous movements involving sliding, kneading, friction and tapping as your muscles require, to relieve tension and joint stiffness and make you feel relaxed. The therapist will adjust the technique to achieve your desired result.
Elemis Deep Tissue Massage - 1 hr £60 1 hr 20 mins £78
The deeper and stronger movements and technique are designed to get relief from chronic muscle pain. The deeper layers of muscles are being targeted, helping to release toxins and improve oxygen flow. The massage will focus on your personal needs.
De-stress Massage - 1hr £60 1 hr 20 mins £78
Relaxation to your mind and body through special techniques and aromatic oils. The therapist will focus on your scalp and the areas of tension, tightened muscles and stiff joints to relax and remove piled up toxins, using both deep kneading and soothing sliding techniques.
Wellbeing Massage - 1 hr £60 1 hr 20 mins £78
The firm and light movements are designed to soothe and relax your muscles getting rid of any knots, leaving you calm and balanced.
Wellbeing Back, Neck and Indian Head Massage - 45mins
Combination massage helping to relax and de stress the body & head by targeting pressure points.
Elemis Indian Head Massage - 30mins £40
Using compression and deep kneading, your therapist will work on your scalp, neck and shoulders. It is proven to relieve stress, fatigue and help with insomnia.
Back Massage 30 mins £36
For those in need of back relieve this massage type concentrates on the entire back areas ideal for those who only want treatment specific to the back.
Hot Stone Massage 1hr £60
At Natural Beauty our therapist is offers a specialist massage with using heated basalt stones which are placed on the spine as well as the palm of your hands and adjacent to your legs and between toes offering a detoxing & relaxing treatment for the entire body.

Body Wrap


Elemis Exotic Frangipani Body Nourish Wrap - 1hr
Aromatic Tahitian Coconut and Frangipani flowers are soaked together to produce the Monoi which is poured all over the body and then massaged into your skin. You will then be cocooned in a foil wrap whilst the oils work. All combined with a soothing facial massage and de-stress scalp treatment.
Elemis Exotic Lime and Ginger Salt Glow - 45mins
Body exfoliation ritual to invigorate and revitalise the body. After light body brushing, warm oil is dripped luxuriously over the body and massaged in, before the sublime Elemis Exotic Lime and Ginger Salt Glow is applied. This will be cleansed away in our shower leaving your skin deeply cleansed & moisturised, leaving it glowing with health, vibrant, and flawless.

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