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Natural Beauty Salon: Fat Dissolving

Natural Beauty Salon: Fat Dissolving

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Natural Beauty Salon: Fat Dissolving Injections


Despite all the dieting and exercise we may do, getting rid of stubborn pockets of fat can still be super hard. Areas such as under your chin, your stomach, your thighs, or your back can all accumulate fat cells. But thanks to revolutionary injectibles that can absorb unwanted fat and disperse it without invasive surgery, removing those obstinate fatty areas has become much more accessible and pain-free.


What are Fat Dissolving Injections?

Also known as injection lipolysis, fat dissolving injections target specific locations on the body to absorb stubborn dietary fat and break it down, helping you achieve a more contoured body shape. In addition, it’s much less expensive and invasive than surgery, making it far more accessible for more people to tackle hard-to-shift pockets of fat.


Where can you use Fat Dissolving Injections?

These particular injectables are developed to tackle those small unwanted fat pockets that exercise and diet refuse to budge, typically around the chin, chest, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, knees and ankles.


How does it work?

Over time, fat cells can begin to store additional fat in certain areas of the body, including around our middle, thighs, arms, buttocks and chin. Despite doing everything right, dieting or cutting out certain foods, and exercising regularly, these pockets of fat simply refuse to shift. Using fat-dissolving injections in targeted areas will lead to those cells breaking down and dissolving the stored fat. PCDC (phosphatidylcholine deoxycholate) is delivered to the fat cells, which absorb the PCDC turning the cells inflamed and rigid. This process is entirely normal, with the stored fat breaking down over a few weeks before being excreted through the body.


How long do the effects last?
The results produced through fat dissolving injections can last between two and four years but can be maintained much longer through maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including eating healthily and undertaking regular exercise.


Is Cellulite the same as Fat Cells?

The two are not the same but are intrinsically connected. Cellulite is the collection of fat pushed against the connective tissue beneath your skin which then causes the uneven, dimpling effects that many women are familiar with. Remarkably, our fat cells (adipose tissue) don’t typically increase in number after forming in the fetus and during puberty and may only happen if you undergo liposuction or gain significant weight. What actually happens when our bodies store more fat is that our fat cells are simply getting bigger.


Do Fat Dissolving Injections work on Cellulite?

Cellulite forms in areas where circulation is at a minimum, so typically the buttocks and thigh areas; however, it’s also common for cellulite to appear on the upper arms, breasts and lower abdomen. Fat dissolving injections work on the fat cells that cause cellulite to appear, so once the injections start to work and the stored fat is broken down, the cellulite will disappear too.


Benefits of Fat Dissolving Injections

They’re a fast, effective, proven treatment that works on small targeted areas of fat around the body. In addition, the treatment is entirely non-surgical, making the procedure far less expensive and requiring very little recovery time.


Are Fat Dissolving Injections suitable for everyone?

Whilst PCDC fat dissolving injections are an excellent treatment for removing fats in the body; they’re not suitable for everyone. The injections may cause the skin to sag after treatment if you have poor skin elasticity. If you’re unsure whether fat dissolving injections are right for you, your trained technician will be able to advise. The treatment is also not suitable for those who are breastfeeding, pregnant, dealing with skin diseases/infections or lipodystrophy, and those with a medical condition that affects your body processing fat.


Natural Beauty Fat Dissolving Injections

Natural Beauty’s PCDC fat-dissolving injections are available now, so why not get in touch today to find out how we can help you achieve a more contoured body? Or, if you live or work in Eastcote or the surrounding areas, pop in and see our friendly team to discuss your treatment plan and start eliminating those fat pockets for good!



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