ELEMIS: Britain’s No 1 Beauty Brand

When you think of luxury beauty brands, ELEMIS always comes to mind. It’s a brand you automatically associate with skincare and spas, and it’s the name we all think of when we want to indulge ourselves. But how does ELEMIS compare to the American brand, Dermalogica, and are they still the number one brand you should turn to?

A short history lesson

Both ELEMIS and Dermalogica were founded around the same time, ELEMIS in 1989 and Dermalogica in 1986, so they both have plenty of experience and expertise in the skincare business. Both brands are classed as premium or luxury beauty brands, so the quality and excellence of the products they produce are indeed something special. With both brands being committed to sustainability and being cruelty-free, undeniably, they appear to match most levels.


ELEMIS formulates and manufactures its products in the UK, working with award-winning British growers to get the best quality ingredients, natural oils, and extracts. They are passionate about taking care of your skin with a clear focus on delivering proven results. They are proud to create award-winning professional skincare products that use cutting-edge patented technology to produce their revolutionary portfolio of face and body skincare that spans luxury formulas, spa treatments, supplements and more.


Founded by a skin therapist, Dermalogica offers professional-grade skincare, creating customised regimens and services for clients via professional skin therapists and salons. The brand is based in Southern California, where its entire catalogue of products is manufactured. However, they don’t go into detail on exactly where they source their ingredients.

So, which brand comes out top?

Certainly, the two brands appear to offer the same premium professional skincare, but it’s their price points that set them apart. Dermalogica is a little bit more wallet-friendly which is excellent if you’re on a budget. However, if you’re after revolutionary skincare solutions and treatments that consistently offer clinically proven results, together with high-quality ingredients proudly sourced from award-winning UK growers, opt for the ultimate luxury brand that is ELEMIS.


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