Eyelash Extensions & Lash Lift

Eyelash Extensions & Lash Lift: All you need to know

If you’re someone who loves to wear false eyelashes to achieve a bold and distinctive look but loathes the rigmarole of fixing them, or continually worries they’re about to fall off, then your easy long-term solution is eyelash extensions. At Natural Beauty, we offer a choice of Classic, Volume (Russian), and Hybrid lashes and we’re here to explain everything so that you can make the right choice and find the perfect lash extension for you. And if eyelash extensions aren’t for you, we’re also pleased to offer the popular Lash Lift service for clients looking for an alternative option. 


What lash extensions do you use?

At Natural Beauty, we only use the best, high-quality products, so we’re delighted to use Lash Perfect for all our eyelash extensions. Lash Perfect is one of the first brands to introduce lash extensions to the UK and have led the lash industry for over ten years.


What is the material used in your lashes?

Our Lash Perfect lashes are synthetic and cruelty-free.


Are your lash technicians experienced?

We pride ourselves in all our staff having the right training and experience, including our lash technicians who collectively have over ten years of experience. You can be confident our technicians are incredibly proficient.


How long do lash extensions last?

Generally, lash extensions will last the lifetime of the natural lashes they are adhered to which is around 4 to 6 weeks when they will naturally fall out with your lashes. To get the most out of your lash extensions, we recommend having regular infills every 2 to 3 weeks and follow the aftercare guidance your technician advises.


Do you offer different lengths and thicknesses?

Our technician will be pleased to run through the different options, including all the various lengths and thickness to suit the look you’re looking to achieve. Our lash lengths start from 8mm up to 16mm and 0.5 to 2.0 in thickness. You can accomplish the exact look you want with the full range of options on offer.



What if I have sensitive skin?

If you have sensitivity issues, we can offer our clients an odour free and sensitive glue.


Can I use my everyday skincare products after application?

We advise not using any oil-based products directly onto the lash extensions, and to use eye creams with care. If in doubt, check the product label. Otherwise, you can continue to use your usual skincare products as normal.


Can I continue to wear contact lenses? 

We recommend removing contact lenses for the treatment duration, but you can wear contact lenses as normal, after that.


Do eyelash extensions damage your natural lashes?

Our Lash Perfect lash extensions do not damage the natural lashes. The lashes are specially formulated with medical-grade adhesives explicitly designed for use on eyelashes that are not damaging. Our fully trained technicians will fit the extensions correctly, ensuring the appropriate weight is used depending on the natural eyelash condition. Along with the correct aftercare, the natural lashes should remain unaffected by the extensions.


Which lash extension is right for me?

Which lash extension to choose is a question only you can answer as it depends on what you’re looking to achieve. However, our technicians are happy to run through your options to help you make the decision. They will help you achieve your desired look and talk you through what’s best for your natural eyelashes. If you’re interested in learning more about the consultation process, simply get in touch with us.


What are Classic eyelash extensions?

Classic eyelash extensions are as their name suggests, classic offering a beautiful, natural-looking lash that makes a great starter to lash extensions. They are applied on a 1:1 ratio meaning one extension is adhered to one natural lash. This process allows you to achieve an understated, natural enhancement. Classic eyelash extensions come in a range of styles with thicknesses between 1mm and 1.5mm. Your technician will be happy to discuss the look you are trying to achieve.

Our Classic lash extensions typically take 1.5 to 2 hours to apply, and the result should be soft, natural-looking lashes your friends won’t know isn’t just a great mascara.


What are Volume (Russian) eyelash extensions?

Russian technicians recently invented Volume lashes hence why they’re also known as Russian eyelash extensions. They offer you serious glamour with a full, ‘better-than-falsies’ look and involve applying a ‘fan’ of lash extensions to one lash instead of the 1:1 ratio of our Classic lashes. 2D, 3D, 5D defines the number of lashes in each ‘fan’ so for example; a 3D volume has a ratio of 1:3. Both 2D and 3D offer a natural, voluminous look whilst higher volumes will give a more dramatic finish.



What are hybrid lashes?

Hybrid lashes are a 70-30 mix of both our Classic lashes and Volume lashes so offers you the best of both worlds. It offers wispy, natural lashes with a little drama added in, achieved by mixing Classic and Volume lashes strategically placed to enhance the eyes. Hybrid lash extensions are currently trendy in Hollywood.


What is the difference between Classic, Volume and Hybrid eyelash extensions?

The most significant difference is in the result you can achieve with each of the options. Classic lashes won’t add much volume but will add length and give you an even lash line that opens up the eye. It will help give you a made-up look when you wake up.

Volume eyelash extensions vary and can offer you an extremely natural look to a more full and dramatic look. 2D and 3D lashes will add some length and volume whilst 5D and upwards can make you look like you’re wearing false lashes all the time (albeit avoiding bulky strips or lash separation as they attach to your natural lashes). 2D lashes are comparable to our Classic lashes with some added extra volume.

Hybrid lashes offer you more volume with a varied texture without the unnatural look that volume lashes can sometimes provide. The Kardashians can be applauded for making the look popular which has since become a firm favourite for Hollywood stars.

Another difference to consider is the cost of application. Classic lashes require little preparation so are a more affordable option if budget is important to you. However, Classic lashes can often become ‘spidery’ sooner than Volume lashes, requiring infills at an additional cost. There are fewer lashes to maintain the look when they break or fall out. Volume lashes can be a little more expensive as they require a higher level of skill and investment of time on the technician’s part, as they hand make the fans before the treatment. Provided below is more in-depth information on each of the three eyelash extension options.

What’s better, Classic, Volume or Hybrid eyelashes?


They are all excellent options, and it does depend on your natural lashes and the look you want to achieve. If you’re lucky enough to have naturally thick lashes you may prefer the Classic lashes, so your look isn’t too dramatic. However, if you aren’t fortunate enough to be born with naturally voluminous lashes, you may prefer the Hybrid lash extensions to get the best of both worlds. Whichever option you decide, our eyelash extensions, offering different volumes, will undoubtedly give you lashes you simply can’t stop looking at.


What is Lash Lift?

A very popular alternative to extensions is our Lash Lift service. This natural lash enhancement lifts the lashes from the root giving the appearance of longer, thicker lashes, instantly lifting and opening the eye. The process involves the lashes being lifted from the lash line base to provide even more lift to the lashes than some other treatments, such as perming or lifting, usually involving curling from the lash’s central section. Technicians can adapt the results using uniquely shaped rods available in a variety of thicknesses to create a natural C curl or a more dramatic J curl. Lash Lifting is an affordable and easy alternative that can last up to 6 to 8 weeks.


What’s the difference between Lash extensions and a Lash Lift?

A Lash Lift is a natural enhancement of the lashes which involves lifting the lashes at the root and requires no maintenance. Lash extensions are synthetic lashes applied to the natural lashes to increase volume, length and curl. They will require maintenance every 2-3 weeks to keep them looking their best.

Whichever treatment you favour, get in touch with our technicians at Natural Beauty who will be happy to discuss your options and get your enhancement treatment booked in, your lashes looking great and your confidence soaring.


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