Manicures, Pedicures and Everything in Between

Manicures and pedicures are one of life’s little luxuries. I mean, who doesn’t love getting their nails done? Whether you only splash out for a special occasion or you’re a regular mani-pedi girl, we have everything you need to know from getting gel polish to nail extensions all the while making sure your nails stay healthy at the same time!

Electric Nail Drills are bad for your Natural Nail

Whilst it may seem convenient and quicker to use an electric nail drill to file nails or remove gel polish from the nail bed, it’s essential not to fall for the hype. Even some reputable nail salons use these devices for speed but drilling over your nail bed and around the cuticle can cause red ridges known as ‘rings of fire’ causing damage to the nail bed.


Keeping your Nails Healthy

A professional manicurist will be fully trained to hand file nails. To keep nails healthy, always insist on hand filing. With the reliable nail file, your trained technician will guide and judge when to use the file gently to protect the nail bed. As you can imagine, at Natural Beauty, you won’t see any electric nail drills in our salon. We never use these devices to file nails or remove gel polish. It’s unnecessary, and we’re all about protecting the nail bed.

At Natural Beauty, removing gel polish is achieved by individually wrapping each nail with nail wraps and allowing them to soak with acetone for 10 to 15 minutes. That way, the gel polish gently comes away from the nail bed, leaving no damage.


Do you go for Gel or Classic Polish?

The significant difference between the two types of polishes is how long they last. A gel polish manicure can last up to three weeks and beyond with no signs of cracking or chips when correctly applied. With a classic polish, wear drops to between five and seven days wear maximum with it likely becoming chipped along the way. The longevity and tougher qualities of gel polish mean your nails can withstand more and help protect the nails and encourage growth.


So, what is Shellac Polish?

Simply put, Shellac is a brand of gel polish. There are many different brands of gel polish on the market. The brands we use at Natural Beauty are OPI and Manicure Company.


Are your Products Cruelty-Free?

At Natural Beauty, we’re conscious of our environment and surroundings, so we endeavour to use cruelty-free products whenever possible, including our manicure and pedicure treatments. Brands such as Manicure Company and Kaeso are cruelty-free.


We have Colours for Everyone

Our range of gel and classic polishes is enormous, currently stocking 100s colours in our classic and gel polish ranges. You’ll have no problem choosing the right colour and shade to suit your outfit or your mood!


What’s the difference between Classic Manicure/Pedicure and the Deluxe Treatment?

The difference between our classic and deluxe treatments is the very luxurious application of hot mitts or hot booties being applied before your nails are shaped, cuticles tidied, and polish applied. This gorgeously relaxing and warming treatment allows you time to relax whilst they do their magic, locking in extra moisture.

All our manicures and pedicures include prescriptive nail care to help heal weak, brittle or flaky nails before your chosen polish is applied.


What is the difference between Acrylic and Gel Extensions?

In a nutshell, gel nail extensions are healthier for both the client and the therapist. They’re as strong and long-lasting as acrylics but without the powder or harsh chemicals that acrylics use. Gel nail extensions are the combination of press-on nails and a gel polish manicure all in one nail treatment that easily puts acrylics in the shade. Manufactured from the same gel that gel polish is made from, gel nail extensions add beautiful length to your regular nails, just like press-on.


How are Gel Extensions applied?

The process starts with applying a thin layer of a thick, clear gel which allows the gel extension to adhere to your nail. This gel acts as a bonder that cures when your nails and the applied gel extensions, are placed underneath the LED light. Your nail and the extension become one making the gel nail extension even stronger, similar to an acrylic.


How long do Gel Extensions Last?

Correctly applied, your gel nail extensions can last up to three weeks, similar to a gel manicure, depending on your natural nail growth. To help maintain the life of your gel extensions at home, you can cut and shape them as they grow out, and to maximise longevity, it’s advisable to come into the salon to have the extensions filed down and gel infills applied.

When it’s time to remove gel extensions, it’s highly recommended to have them removed by your manicurist who will file them off without damaging your natural nail underneath.


Can I change the Polish on Gel Extensions?

You can remove and repaint your gel extensions as much as you want if you normally use regular nail polish to paint your gel nail extensions.

To find out more on any of our nail treatments, get in touch with us at Natural Beauty, and we’ll have your nails looking buff in no time!


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