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Massaging your way to a Relaxed and Calmer Self

Perhaps indulging in a massage is one of life’s little luxuries; a treat for yourself or someone you love. Maybe it’s something you turn to in a moment of need or when life becomes just too stressful. Indulging in a massage doesn’t have to be an occasional decadent pampering session and, with all the stress that life sometimes has to offer, perhaps penning in a regular diary entry for a massage may just keep you on track as a more relaxed and better you!



Massage isn’t just for Birthdays

While many of us may see massage as a birthday treat for ourselves or family members, there are so many more reasons why massage is beneficial and worthwhile. When we’re relaxed and feel good in our body, we automatically stand up straighter. We also have more confidence with better control over our lives, and you’ll be surprised at how many different ailments massage can help alleviate, including:

  • Reducing stress and tension
  • Reducing anxiety
  • Alleviating headaches
  • Relieving muscle pain and joint stiffness
  • Healing injuries
  • Stimulating the digestive system
  • Increasing oxygen and energy flow
  • Help the body rid of toxins from the muscle tissue


Massage Specific Areas or go Full Body

At Natural Beauty, we have a range of massages to suit most pockets, from our 30-minute back massage solely concentrating on one area, to our one-hour ELEMIS Swedish Massage to relax and relieve tension. With our 30-minute ELEMIS Indian Head Massage, your therapist will work on your scalp, neck and shoulders to help with insomnia, reducing stress and fatigue, and our deep tissue massage helps with chronic muscle pain.

Especially for expectant mums, our ELEMIS Peaceful Pregnancy Massage offers an intuitive and relaxing massage to hydrate the skin and restore well-being, while maintaining mother and baby wellness.

For super indulgence, you can melt in relaxation with our one hour Hot Stone Massage where heated basalt stones are placed onto the spine, the palm of your hands and between toes and adjacent to your legs. This type of massage offers a detoxing & relaxing treatment for the entire body. Just visit Natural Beauty’s full massage treatments and prices.


Massage can offer Long Term Benefits

Regularly incorporating a soothing massage into your life can relieve stress-related conditions such as insomnia and tension headaches. It can also help with nervous irritability and stimulate energy to reduce fatigue and lethargy, ultimately boosting life quality.

To find out how massage can help you, get in touch with our Natural Beauty specialists ready to help you become a calmer, confident you!

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