Spray Tans: The Ultimate Guide

Do you dread the early days of summer because you’re too shy to unwrap your hibernated body from all the layered winter clothing? Is the thought of exhibiting your winter white skin just a no-no? If this sounds like you, then a professionally applied spray tan could just be the answer to your woes! At The Natural Beauty Salon, we offer the supremely chic and professional Vita Liberata spray tan system and products.

Three Good Reasons to get a Spray Tan

We can all look a little washed out and occasionally pale, especially after the winter months. With a professionally applied spray tan, you’ll automatically turn into a walking summer glow advert for healthy skin that you can easily maintain year-round.

It won’t matter the time of year or what the weather is doing. You can achieve a streak-free tan any time to make yourself feel confident and look amazing. And, if you’re about to go away on holiday, feel confident from the start by arriving with that summer tan already

A well-applied spray tan can hide light scars and blemishes to give you an even skin tone, so you can do away with the arduous task of applying layers of concealer in an attempt to hide them.

Perhaps most importantly, by using a spray tan system to give yourself the sun-kissed colour you’ve always wanted, you never have to worry about sitting out in the sun!

A spray tan is entirely sunless, so you never have to expose yourself to the nasty UVA and UVB rays of the sun again. We all need to be avoiding UV rays which are anti-ageing and harmful to our skin and bodies. Having a spray tan is a healthy and affordable alternative.

Is it safe?

The Natural Beauty Salon uses only the best, and with the Vita Liberata system, you can be confident knowing they offer advanced organic and natural skincare ingredients making them entirely safe and non-toxic.

What do I need to know when getting a Spray Tan?

The Natural Beauty Salon uses only the best. With the Vita Liberata system, you can be confident knowing they offer advanced organic and natural skincare ingredients, making them entirely safe and non-toxic.


Once your spray tan appointment is in the diary, there are a few steps you can do before your session to allow for optimum results.

24 hours before your tanning session:

–         Shower and exfoliate using oil-free and PH balanced products

–         At least 24 hours before, perform your regular hair removal routine

–         Avoid using any body care products once you have showered

On the day of your Spray Tan appointment:

–         Do not wear any make-up, deodorant or perfume

–         Wear dark, loose-fitting clothing


Post Care

For the first 8 – 12 Hours after your Spray Tan:

–          Keep skin completely dry avoiding any activity that may make you perspire

–          Don’t wear any make-up or body care products

After the initial 8 – 12 Hours after your Spray Tan:

–          After a minimum of 8 hours, you can wash off your guide colour, rinsing with warm water until it runs clear.

–          Only use PH balanced shower products and avoid any oil-based or perfumed products during and after showering

–          Moisturise daily with products that don’t contain essential oils to prolong your results. We recommend using ‘Moisture Boost’.

–          Avoid waxing or shaving for the first 24 hours as these will remove your tan too.

Whatever you decide, having a spray tan is an affordable, healthy option to having the sun kissed glow you’ve always dreamed of, so get in touch with us today. We’re all here waiting to hear from you!

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